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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Leapfrog Phonics Writing desk, and my immaturity

I have a two year old, so we have a lot of kids toys.

I have the mental age of 10. 12 on a good day....

So I play with the toys.

We inherited a Leapfrog Phonics writing desk, which is essentially a game that trys to teach your toddler to talk and spell. One of the games lets them enter 3 letters, and it will then say the word. Since my daughter doesn't have any clue how to spell, a lot of random 3 letter combinations are entered, and the machine handles this by saying the letters, and then making a funny noise and congratualating her for making a funny sound. She likes this. If you spell a proper 3 letter word (gap for example) it will say the word and congratulate you for spelling it properly.

I have entered words, and realized that I am too addicted to the QWERTY keyboard, as entering them is hard. That isn't what is immature of me though...

I had to see what happened if you wrote A-S-S , and D-I-K and F-A-G, and F-U-K as I am always trying to make inappropriate words come from things... It won't say them. You type A-S- and when you hit that final S it erases the little screen and restarts the "you can enter words...." speel that it starts out with telling you to type a word. You don't get any congratulations or anything.

Pretty much anythign that might think is a dirty word, you can't get it to say. With some exceptions.

GAY, which some might think of as a dirty word (to the right of the political spectrum) was allowed. This made me happy, as it means that the leap frog people really did just get rid of the dirty words and not the politically unpopular. This gave them points in my book, but I still want the thing to say dirty words....

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