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Monday, March 12, 2007

Circle of life....

One of the many things I heard at AUTM was the need for Universities to find alternative funding sources now that the NIH budget was drying up. Many of those people took time to find me and pass me their card in the thought that I might be that source.

Given my last post on the matter, which is actually your problem to begin with, you have to realize that the sales of research reagents will fall. Since they will fall, I will have less money to spend. A nasty little link where your problem becomes my problem, which means I can't solve your problem.

Given the diagnostic side of things, where I am also active, there is money there. BUT there are many many many fewer things that I license for diagnostics vs. our research business. There are just more research tools and they are easier to launch in to the market. Diagnostics have long lead times and large amounts of cash needed per launch. Research tools are easy.

SO - the diagnostic business has money in it, but for very few projects. Research tools has no money, but needs lots of projects.

next couple of years should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

I know your current post is not about what a poor PhD can do with his/her degree when finishing school and not wanting a postdoctoral position. However, I would like to ask you: how did you deal with the contemptuous attitude of your advisor and peers when you mention that perhaps a different job (in my case a sales rep position) might better your understanding of business in the biotech and/or pharma industry. You comments on this would be highly appreciated.

By the way: You blog came up when I did a google search on info on what to do with my PhD. Thank you. Your are making my life much happier, together with www.phdcomics.com

Also, I have a very similar story about finishing up. My significant other is also telling me that I would hate myself if I don't finish.

Thanks again!!!

Bill said...

Ha. You are fast becoming a counselor for us poor sappy PhDs who want to get the hell out of academia. I think you should get out of the business development area and focus on your true calling: Career counseling.

Btw, its depressing to see that the current NIH funding situation impacts business as well as academia. I didn't want to hear that :(

Bill said...

Oh, yes, I was just reminded about a comment that our advisor made to me when I was graduating and mentioned I'd like to go to industry. His response was "oh, you mean a job where you're asking people if they'd like fries with that?"

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