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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Industry does nothing....

Over here, Derek is actually surprised to find that people still think academia does everything and industry is dumb... I think it is just a sign that I am closer to grad school than him for me to NOT be surprised by this. It isn't


Anonymous said...

so, i am interviewing for a great job that i am really excited about (finishing phd in december)...the job is for a business role in the marketing department of a biopharma company...

The office i am applying to is just being set up (opened over the summer), and my potential "boss" is still living in europe, soon to move to the new office in the states.

Great...so, here's the thing:

I first got in touch with the company on July 12, had a phone interview a week after that...then a month went by and they flew me to an on-site interview...it's been more than two weeks since then.

Brief note: the on-site interview was pretty tough...the most senior guy (PhD-MBA) sat down and started the interview with "here's why i'm going to pass your resume on to my friends and not hire you here"...he listed a bunch of reasons. I stopped him at one point and responded point-by-point...don't know what to make of that. testing me?

In addition, i had to give a 15 minute presentation about how to do the role i want to fill well, and field Q+A from the audience...they all seemed to like it, as my potential boss said he had had some of the same ideas as me for new projects...one woman told me it was insightful and she thought i was experienced from it. They all said they didn't doubt my analytical ability or "getting things done" ability. But the questions were HARD! had to defend everything on my resume....so, anyway:

I just called my potential "boss" to ask what was going on.

He said they are still interviewing and it will likely be some more weeks before they make a decision.

I understand there are logistics issues with the new office and the trans-atlantic travel necessary for each interview, but what the heck does this mean? I'm finishing my degree, would like to know what to do next, and this process has been dragged out FOR MONTHS.

Thoughts I had:
A) they are required to interview a certain # of people for each role, and i was one of the first, so they need to go through however many more before decision time (it's a huge company)

B) they must like me somewhat, otherwise they would have told me straight away no...

C) maybe they don't like me enough, so they're looking around and keeping me on the back burner

I'm trying to keep my name on the tip of their tounges by getting in touch once a week either through an email update about something good that I have done recently or through a phone call.

What should i make of all this? You think my chances are good or bad?


Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but, get used to it. Companies operate on their own timeline, not yours. Priorities change on a daily basis. And, most importantly, don't get your hopes up too high just because you thought your interview went well. Not to burst your bubble, and I'm sure you probably have a great chance to get this job, but do yourself a favor and don't pin all of your hopes on this. Apply to other jobs, keep your options open. But don't be thinking, hey I've got this job, I just need to graduate, and I'm all set. Because chances are, you're not.

Hey, I realize this may come across as really negative, but I'm speaking from personal experience here. It takes a LONG time to get a job in industry (well, unless you're lucky or have skills that are currently in demand). Keep on plugging, and don't expect too much, that way you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do get that great job.

Anonymous said...

you're not being negative...in fact, i've been thinking just the opposite...i've been thinking about wearing my framed phd diploma around my neck ala flava-flav when i walk down to the welfare office and file for unemployment for a few months...my fiance is excited!

(seriously though, i've been applying and interviewing for everything i can think of...some goes better than others...this is just one i really hope i get, but i know that as good as my chances are, they could be equally bad)


yes said...

in the list of "anonymous", I agree with the one who replied with some self professed "negativity".

Glad to have some good bluntness put out there.

..and yeah - speaking from experience here, but it can take awhile for an HR department to OK the requisition or someone goes on vacation or or or or ... all kinds of stuff.

Don't know your chances... The longer - the worse they are. Past 2 months -> think your dead.