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Sunday, March 02, 2008

....and yes, my travel has ramped way back up!

My travel had fallen for awhile but has no ramped way way way way back up. I am over 40K miles flown this year already. This means I am writing less and, as seen by the last two posts, am back focussed on the things that make my life easier on the road.

I have read a couple of the comments recently with people getting jobs and joining in this fun. Welcome to the dark side! As you can read here, it has it's ups and downs.


Anonymous said...

I'm following up from my new job...i too am travelling my a** off, and have been experiencing a different city every week for 7 weeks. Unfortunately, I'm often taking off from home sunday night, which makes travel convenient but is less ideal for my fiance. I also just got my crackberry, and will now be non-communicative in meetings as I constantly check my email...

On the whole though, it's great! I really like the job, and get to talk about science and do business all day. Much better than grad school.

The heavy travel ends this week, and then has a muhc more regular schedule (still travel, but less intense stuff)...so, looking forward to that.

Enjoy your job!
-Happy PhD SalesGuy

Lellean said...

I too, like the other who have commented, have found your blog helpful.
I am currently waiting for an offer for a field application scientist job. You have commented on this before but I am hoping you will again. I'm curious to how much I should negotiate for salary. I will be working from home and learned from you that trying for a home office is something to request. I used several websites to check the ave pay in Boston and it is 86 000. Now, my question is at what spectrum would I fall on this average scale? I am a female scientist with a PhD in biochemistry and 1 yr postdoc with several years of teaching experience .... What do you think?

Karla said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog after doing google searches on tech transfer. I'm in my last year of my PhD in Neuroscience and am leaning towards tech transfer as a springboard into business development in biotech.

I just wanted to mention that I've found many of your entries very helpful/insightful and plan on keeping up with it!