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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cingular vs Me.... They win

So today I finally had enough. I went to Cingular to get a new phone. The MPx220 that I had fixed twice wasn't doing it. My simple demand of "remain on while I call people" and "Don't turn off for no good reason" was not being met.

Cingular was of no use. This surprises no one. Some money off, but not all money off. Come on, you sold me a broken phone to begin with. You have 'fixed' it before...At some point you should just cut your losses and get them out of the line up.

I now have a Razor V3, and I am a bit unhappy with the Outlook sync feature. Further, it only holds 1000 contacts. I think I know more than 1000 tech transfer people, never mind the rest of my friends. (When I say "know" that does not imply that I have talked to them, just that I have contact details including phone number). So the phone barfs on my outlook sync saying, in effect, pick your real friends please. I have screened and weeded and made a 'group' that I don't sync in to which I put all the unknon tech transfer people. It is unfortunate, as my cell phone number is pretty widely out there and several of them have called out of the blue. The caller ID warning that I get is very useful in the "don't surprise me" kind of way. Also, it throws up their affiliation which gets my head in the right place a lot more quickly.

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