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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Indexing Tech Transfer Web sites

Rants from the past continued. You have been warned.

Today went to UIC web site to look for something I thought might be there. NO SEARCH BOX. So, to find it I had to guess where they might have categorized it and then read the whole list. I was annoyed by that so sicked my spider on it, downloaded everything in to a directory I have set up for that, and then let my google desktop deal with it.

So, this points to my latest game. I have written (the bioinformatics coding background comes out here) a little spider that will crawl a whole section of a web site following links and downloading for me. Only goes 1 layer deep, but with something like this it is good. It just downloads everything on to my hard drive where google desktop indexes it.

Possibly over-kill , but they don't have a search box and I am not that dedicated to small ideas where I just have a little curiosity and want to see if something is there. If yes, then I will do some more work...

I think that now I have a better idea, and a more "find-able" idea about what UIC has than they do.

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