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Monday, February 20, 2006

Where do we get Resumes?

I was asked by a person looking for a job (not on-line) where we get the resumes that we use to fill jobs? Is Monster.com or Biospace.com worth it?

This is rather timely, given the question being asked on slashdot.org right now... with linked commentary here about whether or not Monster et al are worth anything.

I will say upfront that I have, essentially, got both my jobs through Monster. Both times I have been contacted by the recruiter that got my resume in front of them hiring folks becuase the recruiter found my resume on Monster. I was a little stupid and didn't know about Biospace, but that is my bad.

So.... we don't really get too much from Monster. We sick Headhunters on our jobs. I don't think I have interviewed anyone recently who didn't come through a head hunter. Is this costing us too much money? maybe. could be cheaper to hire more HR people and do it that way. I don't know. I just know how we get the people.

I do know that HR uses Monster, so we do get the resumes in house, and that you can apply for the jobs directly, so we do get those as well. The problem is that we get about 100 gazillion resumes for every posting. None of the resumes are even remotely qualified for the job. No high school education...applying for a position that requires a Ph.D....this might be a problem.... So - we have recruiters winnow the field for us. There are a solid group of recruiters we use, all of whom are quite capable, and that keeps us from having to deal with the 100 gazillion unqualified people.

Are we missing people? Probably. But the chance of missing them has to be covered by the fact that we would spend several weeks wading throught that sea in order to find good candidates, and that would probably cost us something as well in terms of time/money. The trade off isn't pretty, but that is where you are.

My recommendation for people looking for jobs - get a good recruiter on your side. In fact, get several good recruiters on your side... they will have much better luck in getting your resume in front of us than any other way.

Posting your resume on Monster and biospace and the other sites are all excellent ways for recruiters to find you.

SO- in summary - I think monster et al are good for being found by recruiters, but not so usefull for directly getting the job.

DO NOT PAY them. Anyone who asks you to pay is ripping you off. The company, if they hire you, pays the recruiter. If they ask for money from the job seeker, they are slimy and you should run away from them.

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Anonymous said...

Very informative post. I'm interested in using recruiters to help secure my first job. I'm having trouble finding recruiters to send me resume to. Besides posting a resume on a site like Monster and hoping for a call, what are some other ways to find recruiters?