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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Anonymous Blogging.

So this guy bashes this guy for writing anonymously and says "You’re making bloggers look like a bunch of scared complainers." This is so wrong on so many levels.

Reasons this is wrong.
  • Assumption : anonymous blogger has a choice and could leave. No medical precondition or anything else that might make getting a new job problematic. No news if he has a spouse/other that tie him to that area. No allowances for that. Just the statemet that you should leave if your unhappy. Perhaps they guy likes more than he hates and just wants to effect change...
  • The "your making bloggers look....." implies that there is this tribe of bloggers who have to follow these rules that are unwritten and we should all trudge along in this single file line doing the exact same thing. BORING! and really kind of missing the point. Bloggers come in every shape/size/color/reason etc... and so thinking ther are all the same just labels you as an 'original' who doesn't like these newcomers coming along and screwing up your little party. Exclusionary, pompous, presumptios and just down right wrong.
    • Really - your the problem. Telling people waht they can and can not write because it doesn't conform to your 'rules' gives bloggers a reputation as exclusionary and elitist, which I would argue is far worse.
  • ...and yeah - I'm anonymous, so I guess I am all of those things that he lables the microsoft guy. I happen to like my job and enjoy where I am working, so I don't know if I get tarred with the same brush or not, but it's still kind of a BS thing to say.
  • The assumption is made that becuase the guy writes so much that he must do it at work. That is such a classic whiny jealous writing statement that it almost isn't worth dealing with. Suffice it to say - maybe it doesn't take him as long to write as you? It's this little devious back handed hidden snide comment in an article where the writer is trying to take the moral high ground. Priceless.
Summary - no summary possible. This is just a whiny diatribe by someone who styles themselves as an "A list" writer and shows their true side here.

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Who da'Punk said...

You're sweet. Thanks for your comments here. Being anonymous has certainly turned certain people off and they decide that the message must not be worth listening to.

Take Care,