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Monday, October 10, 2005

Random thoughts...give people what they want.

In software, this guy sums it up as well as you can. Another way of saying it is "give people what they want" or don't fall for cool.

Scoble chimes in (although maybe he was first...) with a post that I thought was kind of neat. Here he is listing off a couple of Web2.0 companies in a way that is indistinguishable from how one might show a 1.0 company...list of sites for you to go to.

So - I am too lazy to go through and talk about everyone getting all fired up, but reading anyones review of the recent web2.0 conference should convince you that people are all fired up. At the end of it all, and I am more of a user now than I was when I worked at a software company, I don't really care what the software is written in, where the data comes from (within the reason of it being accurate) and what portal it is part of. I just want something that helps me get something done.

This has never changed. I find the discussions about the web2.0 talk with some teen agers to be truely funny. People are surprised that teenagers are cheap, want to go to parties, and will try and get laid in college. The fact that this is a new flash is, to me, really the story here.

People keep dressing the pig up, but at the end of the day it is still a pig. New stuff, just because it is new, won't get you too far sustainably. New stuff that catches hold becuase it lets you do something better or different that actually has some benefit to you, will work. That benifit, if you are one of the teens above, is really all about going to parties or getting laid. Nothing more and nothing less. When I was in high school and college we had ways of doing this as well, they have just co-opted the computer network built to protect the free world to a, in my opinion, far better purpose.

The whole hub ub about the "new web" leaves out the fact that many of the problems being solved are not really problems at all. Long term, not a real good plan. Probably a good bubble to be had, many people to be made rich (and probably not me amongst them) using complex words and waving their hands a lot. Hopefully lots of guys in goatees acting important (extra points if they are dressed in all black and are bald). Out of all that will come a couple of useful services. The world...will continue to revolve on its axis.

I would add that, to no one's surprise, others are more eloqent than me.... Joel says what I want to say, but he makes sense saying it.

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