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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Life Science Exchange

Interesting comments on Marketing in the tools space. I have to figure out where this woman works, becuase, you know, I am nosy that way....

Different companies work differently, as we have a person much the same as her. The overlap between what she does and what I do is there, as you can't really seperate "competitive intelligence" from the people who need to know what is going on and the person who is focussed on where we are going.

I spend a ton of time reading, talking, calling, etc... to make sure I know what every company in our space is doing. Surprises = Bad. That said, we are always surprised. There is enough shuffling of people between different companies that long term secrets are hard to keep. Shorter term secrets are very keepable, but as with every industry/group on the planet, networks of friends grow and information flows.

oh yeah... and some people just have really big mouths, which is really quite helpful!

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