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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More about information

Thinking more about the last post and my final comment.

It is, I think, essential to understand that nothing stays secret for too long. Leaving aside government top secret projects, which I assume do a decent job of keeping secrets, any group of people will include someone who leaks.

It is my job to know that person. Maybe I don't know them directly, but I know their friend at another company and will hear something.

Yeah, I read every press release. Yes, I read Journals (too even a much greater extent than I did in grad school!!!!). Yes, I go to shows and look at brochures. Yes, I read "market research reports". You get information from all those sources.

To get the real scoop, you have to know people.

however, the line between gossip and news is hard to tell, and you have to really know who is saying what, and where they heard it from, or you will get burned.

For example, I know there is a company for sale right now that many people would recognize. We aren't interested. I can guess at other companies that, strategically speaking, would/should be interested. Today I "heard" that this other company is buying. It makes NO sense. BUT, I don't really know the source of the rumor. It came to me n'th hand, so it makes it pretty close to impossible to judge whether it is true or not.

This date comes under the heading of gossip, not of data. Tittilaing, but not something that I will base any plans on.

All this reinforces that overused statement "Don't burn bridges", as you never know who you will need to get info from at some point in the future.

Other note : Don't be that person who leaks....

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