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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Scoble tells a bit of the kryptonite lock saga from the kryptonite lock side.

I think this shows the danger of blogs (and the power, as those are just two sides of the coin).

Blogs have an immediacy. I think, in this regard, they are like 24 hour news channells. You can rely on both to tell you very quickly that SOMETHING has gone on...MAYBE. You just know there is some sort of disturbance, but you don't neccesarily know what the disturbance is. The early reports will be wrong (or not...). The ones that aren't wrong, will crow about it later, and in borrowing a page from the news media will, with exceptions (similar to the news media) not talk about the misses.

A great whack of the blogosphere is like this site, which I don't think anyone reads and is for me to just type things in to so that I trap my thoughts....People just putting their musings out there and maybe some other people reading them. It is possible that news is found here, but I would be pretty shocked! Opinions, you will find here. Knitting instructions, you should look elsewhere, but I don't doubt that such sites exist.

?A communication medium? Yes, just like Press Releases, web pages, giving seminars at scientific meetings, flyers, sponsorships of meetings/groups, sales people and chanels, and any other way that the company talks to and hears from customers. No better or worse than any of the above, just different. Where the blogosphere gets in trouble, is for faulting companies for not paying attention to THEM, even if the company thinks (as Kryptonite did) that the other chanells of communication are more important and need to be dealt with more immediatly. For them, as they say in the interview that Scoble points at, it was judged that dealing with dealers was more important. They did that. Sales seem OK, so they must be doing something right. Faulting them for not paying attention to the Blogosphere is wrong. They payed attention to what they thought would help the customers first and formost. Apparently they thought that was dealers and not Blogs.

The come back to this is "It would only take a few minutes", which I think ignores the way larger corporate web sites work, and the legal review that statements from the company would (and have to ) go through. You don't just put up a quick note saying "We screwed up", as you would then expect to see that in a law suit against you later.


Donna said...

"A great whack of the blogosphere is like this site, which I don't think anyone reads"

Yes, this thing is on...and people do read it...

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