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Friday, July 29, 2005

...to get in touch with me...

As I have said a couple of times recently, I didn't actually expect anyone to read this blog. So, I didn't set up an email that isn't instantly identifiable as me (my name being spelled out kind of giving it away).

I have no real interest in revealing my name or who I work for, so there is the problem. I probably won't check another email (work and personal being the two I have now) so if I did set it up I probably wouldn't look at it with any sort of regularity. Right now, when you post I get an email, so I see that a post occured, but I don't really want to do anything about it from that email address.

For now, I can communicate through comments. If that doesn't work for you, put that in the comment and I will set up an email address with a throw away name and just check it for a couple of days to complete a conversation.

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