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Monday, June 19, 2006

Dapi - more about expense reports.

Dapi, a couple of comments back said:

I would definitely be going home on the weekend but I wasnt sure if I could ask for them to pay for it but it totally makes sense to me!
and I sort of answered, but want to really spell things out for those not at companies right now. Everything you do when travelling for a company is reimburseable. I, now, automatically keep receipts even when travelling for personal travel. Then my wife makes fun of me, but it shows how deeply ingrained it is. Companies have travel policies that tell you what you can charge, eat, stay at etc... and you follow them and then they reimburse you for everything. Other companies have credit cards that you charge against so you don't even see the bill. This is totally non-negotiable. When you are travellling on company business, they pay the bill. End of discussion. If you trash their rules, they may choose not to pay for the stuff you did that violates the rules, but that was your bad not theirs!

This is a big change from academia where you are sort of committed to the lab and would maybe not get reimbursed for everything at a conference. In industry - get reimbursed. Keep every receipt. "I don't know if I can ask for that" - the way I look at this, they have to pay for your hotel and food and car to keep you there for the weekend. It's not that the weekend is free.

Just a different way of thinking, but wanted to make sure you thought of it.

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Anonymous said...


I'm back :)

Thanks for addressing that question re expenses and I enjoyed reading PhD drop outs questions! You truly are so helpful...come come across as ego stroking here!

Just touching bases to let you know that the company are now working on an offer but we are all trying to figure out the logistics of the visa issue. I've made some progress and have been keeping the recruiter and the company on board with my "discoveries"!

I am normally proactive and have made contact with

1) US consular in Canada to ask questions...not helpful as they are generally better for people who are applying fro H1B's through US based companies

2) US immigration department (hate to say it but this is the worst dept to deal with!) Painful and not helpful at all...someone types in my question and the computer spits out an answer which is so generic its painful

3) Emailing an immigration lawyer- so I have been getting a bit of free advice from the lawyer and this has been the most helpful route..but he now wants to charge a consultation fee for $150. I called the recuiter and am waiting to see if the company will reimburse me. My point is, HR are at a loss and Im working harder and faster on this by talking to an actual immigration lawyer then it would be worth the $150 to get professional help.

So its now a waiting game and Im no longer THINKING about the salary! All i know is that we have both invested a lot of time in this and I now want this job badly!

I hope my digging is a good way to start this relationship by showing the company how committed I am to making their lives a bit easier if possible!

Have a great night!