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Friday, June 02, 2006

response to question.

In a comment here, a question was asked and I will answer here.

Summing up the question:
Person has MBA and business experience in NON-biotech.
Getting toward completion of Ph.D.

Would I hire them.

YES> This is exactly what I am looking for. You would, subject to all the parts of your resume I can't see, get a phone interview.

Non biotech-business experience is fine. The science background is the key for my position. Coupling that with some indication that you understand the whole idea of making a profit is what I am looking for. Whether that profit is in our business, or some other business doesn't really make a big difference to me.

A post-doc will do NOTHING for your move to business. Take ANY job in the business side of a company but do not do the Post-doc. Take product management positions or something, but don't go to the bench. Field application scientists or some such.

Do NOT take a position in a company at the bench. It is VERY rare for someone to be moved from bench to business within a company. Maybe that isn't true at other companies, but I have seen, and been told, that enough times that I think it is true. At our company it is totally true.

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