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Friday, June 02, 2006

...yet more about interviewing, and my job offers

Last post, I mentioned that I put an offer out to a guy. On getting the offer he said " I really only talked to my fiance about moving as a 'theoretical' possibility" and so he had the weekend to think and in the course of the weekend 'theoretical' became real and he evaporated.

SO...please, anyone, before you go interview for a job you would have to move to take, talk to everyone who would impact that decision and get it straight that you *could* move if you got the job. Really...becuase if you do get the job offer and then pull this crap you will have your name lodged in my head as an unorganized person for quite awhile. When I run in to you at some point in the future (small industry...) I will be remembering this. Basically, a bridge that didn't have to be burned was burned. Not terminally, but it is the impression I have of that guy now.

I have another offer out to a person, so we will see if I am moving this forward or not. Hope so.

On another note, I was interviewing a guy for a product manager position in our company and during the interview he answered his cell phone, put his hand up and asked me to wait a second, talked for five minutes (organizing his vacation) and then hung up.

I was blown away. I thought that this was a joke and that you only read about this on joke sites, but it really happened today. He won't be getting the offer, but we all did enjoy comparing the horror stories about how the interviews went at the end of the day. He did something bad in every interview. He could not have, if he had tried, been more rude during the course of the day. I really hope he was trying to do it, as if it was accidental or unintentional then they guy is just mind blowingly bad.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for answering my questions!

Ok so I got past the first round and now i have a phone interview set up and i realise I have never interviewed for a company before! Its a different world out there and I need to maximise my skills and sell them to this company!

I'm scared but excited....

Do you have any tips on asking intelligent questions?

i'd like to know what types of questions have impressed you in the past when interviewing people?

I wrote a few out that I'd like to us ie:

-What does it take for me to be successful in this field?

-What skills are you looking for for this job?

-what impact do you need me to make during the first month?

-How long do FACS normally stay in their positions and where do they go from here in your company?

Do you have any tips for me?

Thanks again for yoru help :)

DAPI (I'm a girl!)

yes said...

Using comments as fodder for new posts makes my life very easy.... so read a post that will go up soon for your answers!